The Tertiary Education Study Assistance Scheme (TESAS) provides financial assistance on behalf of the Government of PNG (GoPNG) to eligible students of targeted tertiary education programs on a merit basis as verified through the National Online Selections System.

  • TESAS includes undergraduate scholarships recognising academic excellence, government contribution assistance for undergraduate studies, undergraduate scholarships for women wishing to return to studies, and postgraduate scholarships.
  • TESAS includes financial assistance for study costs, such as tuition fees, board and lodgings, travel, and student resources. 
  • TESAS Awards are offered for one year of study only. Awardees who study programs longer than one year are automatically considered on a merit basis for another TESAS Award for their continuing studies in the following year.
  • TESAS Awards are administered on behalf of the GoPNG by DHERST.

To be eligible for consideration for a TESAS Awards, applicants must:

  • Be a Papua New Guinean citizen;
  • Intend to study full-time and on-campus;
  • Be able to satisfy the admission requirements of an institution or a program for an institution approved for TESAS Awards of which they are applying as verified by the National Online Selection System;
  • Not hold another scholarship that duplicates any of the TESAS Award benefits,
  • Not have been previously excluded from a tertiary institution on academic or disciplinary
    grounds within the last two years;
  • Not have accumulated any criminal record within the last two years;
  • Not have had a TESAS Award terminated within the last two years. and
  • If previously held a TESAS Award to complete an undergraduate qualification and intend to undertake another undergraduate qualification, be able to demonstrate an employment record for at least three years after completing the first qualification.

Additional eligibility requirements are necessary to qualify for each different TESAS Awards as outlined in the TESAS Handbook. Note that the Government reserves the right to change the eligibility conditions at any time.

Further information can be found within the TESAS Handbook.