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We are here to facilitate a pathway for you after secondary school. As a Grade 12 School Leaver, you can now apply online for studies via the National Online Application System (also known as the NOAS or the Common Application System). This is a new and better method to apply for further studies at any nationally registered university of higher education institution within Papua New Guinea. The NOAS replaces the paper-based School Leaver Application Forms (SLF) thus allowing any Grade 12 student who is registered to sit for the Grade 12 National Exams.

Direct your browser to the following link to apply online:

Why should I apply online?
All Grade 12 School Leavers are encouraged to apply for further studies through the NOAS as it provides the following benefits:

1) More choices – Grade 12 school leavers can choose up to five (5) preferred programs. (Previously students had two (2) choices of programs)
2) More information – Each program has clear and distinct requirements, preferences and residential options.
3) More time to make a decision - The online application is open for three (3) months. It gives students, parents and schools more time to choose the right program and institution.
4) Program and subject combination match – applications will be matched to chosen program’s combinations.
5) Increased chances for admission through subject combination matching.

When can I apply online?
The National Online Application System will be officially opened on the 15th August 2018 at

Am I eligible to apply online?
To be eligible to apply for further studies through the National Online Application System you have to meet the following requirements:
1) Be a current Grade 12 Student
2) *Be registered by your Secondary School to sit for the Grade 12 National Exams

*Note: This means that Grade 12 students at any registered Secondary School which has submitted its School Information Booklet (SIB) (white copy) to the Measurement Services Division (MSD) of the National Department of Education (NdoE).

How can I apply?

Please visit our 'How to Apply' Page for further information.