Admissions for Grade 12 School Leavers

Grade 12 school leavers seeking tertiary studies in 2021 must apply through the National Online Application System. Online Applications commences on the 1st of August every year. NOAS access is user specific. Current grade 12 students will be given access to their NOAS account upon the receipt of an invitation letter.

The selection criteria for all registered HEIs is set by the institution. The generic minimum selection criteria for admissions may include:

  1. Subject Combination – The subject combination for each program is available on the NOAS. Students can view the subject and requirement in the My Eligible Program tab on the NOAS. Each study program has a specific set of required subjects combinations which the student should have undertaken when streaming in Grade 11 and 12. Prior to streaming in Grade 11, it is recommended that each student consult secondary school guidance counselor and to ensure students choose the appropriate set of subjects in line with academic ability and interested career discipline.

  2. Minimum Grades and Subjects - Each of the required subjects for a study program has a minimum GPA requirement. It is recommended that each applicant must comprehend the requirement when browsing and applying through the NOAS.

  3. Grade Point Average: GPA is not the sole requirement for the application. Other requirements such as subject grades, raw scores, ranking and program quota are also considered. The highest possible Grade Point Average for all Grade 12 school leavers is 4.0. The minimum requirement including GPA is the lowest possible results selectors may consider. Programs may be highly demanded and selection extremely competitive for applicants. Student applicants are therefore encouraged to consider program quota against their final results and make changes to their program choices, during the Grace period.

  4. Differential Aptitude Test (DAT) - The DAT is intended to assist students in identifying their career path, and thus their subject combination commencing in Grade 11 and 12. For some higher education institutions and study programs however, DAT can also be used as a selection criterion. It is therefore recommended that schools and students contact respective institutions to verify this requirement.

  5. STAT-P - In 2016, the PNG University of Technology introduced STAT-P as a new entry requirement. The University of Goroka has since followed suit. Secondary schools and students intending to study at either stated university must ensure that they correctly register for the STAT-P through their NOAS accounts. Students can contact the universities for test taking dates, locations, and procedures.

  6. Classified Evaluation by Patron - Classified Evaluation are non-academic based assessments which patrons at secondary schools used to further assess Grade 12 students. These evaluations are usually undertaken during August - September of each year and for some institutions, used as an admissions criterion. Students are advised to contact respective higher education institutions to confirm this requirement.

Admissions for Non-School Leavers (including International Students)

Non-School Leavers seeking admissions for further studies, at this stage will apply directly to the institution of interest. Intending applicants should contact the institution directly as early as July each year to obtain an application form for admission in the following academic year. Each institution will have its own application deadlines.

Higher Education Loan Program

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