National Higher and Technical Education Board

The National Higher and Technical Education Board has the following powers and functions:

(a) to assist in ensuring that the objectives of this Act are achieved in respect of quality assurance and regulation for higher and technical education; and
(b) to report to the Departmental Head in respect of its activities and on matters referred to it by the Departmental Head; and
(c) to monitor the work of each of the committees and other bodies established under Section 23; and
(d) to recommend to the Departmental Head policy guidance on national quality assurance arrangements for higher and technical education; and
(e) to review, consult on and update the PNGNQF from time to time; and
(f) to approve national standards for quality assurance and regulation of higher education institutions and Papua New Guinea universities; and
(g) to approve application guides, forms, and other documents required under the Act; and
(h) to make decisions on matters referred to it for its decision; and
(i) to recognise or not recognise the registration or programme accreditation decisions of any other agency or professional licensing or accreditation body in
respect of a higher education institution or higher education programme as meeting requirements of the national standards; and
(j) to conduct thematic or sectoral reviews on any matters relating to compliance with the national standards.

The Board has, in addition to the powers and functions otherwise conferred on it by this Act and any other law, full powers to do all things that are necessary or convenient to be done for or in connection with the performance of its functions and the achievement of its objectives. Subject to this Act and any other laws, a Member of the Board is not personally liable for any act or default of himself or that the Board has done or omitted to be done in good faith and in the course of the operation of the Board.