2020 National Online Selection of Grade 12 School Leavers Selection List for 2021 Admissions in HEIs

Professor Fr. Jan Czuba
On behalf of the Minister and the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology, I, the undersigned, and DHERST Secretary hereby confirm that the following students, published on this official list are 2020 Grade 12 school leavers selected on academic merit at a tertiary institution of their choice. This list is inclusive of students from the December 22nd 2020 list as well as students offered a spacing through the Admission Pool.

Congratulations to all selected school leavers and TESAS awardees. It is mandatory that all selected and continuing students adhere to and comply with the Admission Policy of the institution selected to. Registration information including compulsory tuition fees must be paid by the student and or sponsor prior to the orientation and registration.

First year students are advised to consult their NOAS MyStatus for information on TESAS Terms and conditions, TESAS components and the Higher Education Loan Program.

I wish you all the success in this Academic year, 2021.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Fr Jan Czuba

2021 TESAS Listing for New Intakes (Grade 12 School Leavers)