Blessing of the DHERST

The 27th of July was a memorable one for the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST). Staff members were honoured to host the blessing of the DHERST office in Aopi Centre, Tower 2, with the presence of Cardinal John Ribat, KBE, MSC.

Cardinal Ribat held mass on the fourth floor to a full staff turnout consisting of both DHERST staff and Ministerial staff, and proceeded to bless the Ground Floor, Third Floor and the Fourth Floor, all of which had been beautifully decorated by DHERST staff. The Cardinal used palm fronds to shower holy water throughout the building, bringing in light, peace and unity in God’s presence and protection.

Media was present to record the very first blessing of the Department, which in fact had not been carried out since its inception as the Office of Higher Education in 2013.

Staffs were treated to a wonderful lunch and were able to reflect on the values and goals that hold the Department together as a team.