Secretary's Message

On behalf of the Secretary's office of the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST),I would like to convey our congradulations to all Higher Educations Institutions and the GoPNG on their efforts in supporting DHERST towards the progress of the High Educations sector. Each year, the National Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG), through the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) offers the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS) scholarship to undergraduate students demonstrating academic excellence. This annual commitment of the Government is to secure a smart, wise, fair, healthy, happy society and a robust knowledge economy through access to quality higher and technical education. The 21st century higher education landscape is an exciting global space for committed, talented scholars who are not afraid to invent future realities. The GoPNG, through the DHERST is committed to ensuring Papua New Guineans have a fair opportunity to pursue quality higher and technical education efficiently and transparently. Moreover, there will always a role of GoPNG through the DHERST to facilitate advancements in the higher education sector. Thus, as you embark on this academic year, whether it is your first year, continuing year or final year in our higher education institutions (HEI), value this opportunity and maximise your learning opportunities responsibly. I take this opportunity to convey deep appreciation to the HEIs in the country for their immense contribution to the human resource development and higher education sector in PNG. Thank you indeed! May God Be with you in all your endeavours this year. Professor FR Jan Czuba Acting/Secretary for Higher Education Research Science and Technology