My Dear Colleagues I wish to inform you that DHERST management has made a decision to immediately disburse all remaining funds for TESAS irrespective of previous semester acquittals. As you all are aware, TESAS Regulations as guided by the TESAS Handbook requires that all TESAS related funds are disbursed to institutions on semester basis (two times a year) and subject to acquittals previous semester’s funds which are to be submitted and confirmed by the DHERST. In 2018, TESAS acquittals for Semester One including beginning of the Year travels from various HEIs have been significantly delayed. The DHERST management has been concerned that due to non-acquittals, various HEIs will consequentially not receive Semester two TESAS funds on time to pay outstanding bill from Service Provider. As such the DHERST management has made a resolution to disburse all remaining funds for TESAS and if the HEIs have not acquitted previous semester, these HEIs can instead acquit for the full year TESAS expenditure by January 30, 2019. If the DHERST does not receive requested acquittals on time, we will not be able to provide TESAS funds to this Institution. If your Institution did not receive TESAS related funds, please kindly have your Registrar liaise with Mr Steven Matainaho, Deputy Secretary – Operations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ensure that all remaining funds 2018, if any, are disbursed immediately. Sincerely yours, Professor Fr Jan Czuba A/Secretary File