Minister's Office

Ministry of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology

The Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology comes under the Department of Prime Minister & National Executive Council. Its main role is to provide effective and efficient corporate and other support services to the Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology (HERST), the National Executive Council (NEC), Ministerial Committees, and the Department.

The support services are mandated under the Official Personal Staff Act and administered through the Official Personal Staff Determination and the Prime Minister as the approving authority; thus, strengthening the political links between the Department, and the Government of Papua New Guinea political sphere. 

The Ministerial team is committed to emphasize the regular high-level political contact within the Government as well as underpin Minister’s relationship with the Department. It also provide necessary supporting role to the Minister and coordinate official domestic and international travel for the Ministers and his/her delegation.

Roles and Responsibility

The First Secretary role oversees the Ministerial Staff and assist and advice the Minister, who is also a National Executive Council Member ensuring that policies are transformed into legislative and administrative actions necessary for the benefit of the nation as a whole. 

The Ministerial staff roles are to prepare the Minister to present himself to the Cabinet well to direct government policy and make decisions about the Ministry of HERST and on national issues. The Ministerial team assists the Minister to participate in the discussions of current national issues, prepare and present bills (proposed laws) to the NEC and in Parliament.

The Ministry office also complies with other directives from the Prime Minister in ensuring compliance, stability, performance and monitoring of the Public Service Machinery.