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Higher and Technical Education Strategic Implementation Plan

This strategic plan aims at introducing necessary changes to the Higher Education Sector. One of the most important changes in higher education is the recognition that increasing access to Higher Education Institutions is not enough.

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The objective of this strategic plan is to help as many students as possible to gain entry to universities or colleges, to offer the quality of education and the most important to help them succeed once they have enrolled. That fundamental reorientation in focus is profound. It means that our hardest work needs to involve finding the strategies and tactics that will best enable students to meet their educational goals, whether they are pursuing a degree or striving toward some other educational objective.

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This document details a Strategic Implementation Plan Matrix that sets out how the strategic goals of the Sector will be achieved over the next twenty-one years. This implementation plan details actionable tasks that provide a road map for the Sector to follow to realise the aims of the Higher Education Sector in Papua New Guinea.

Download the National Higher and Technical Education Strategic Implementation Plan (2017 - 2038) (PDF Format)